What is Hybridge?

Hybridge is a full arch solution that is dependable, long-lasting, and affordable. It is a lasting solution for people who need full mouth reconstruction because of dental disease, accidents, or a congenital condition.

Hybridge full arch restorations combine the latest technology, dental artistry, the best dental materials, and superb professional care to restore comfort and full dental function.

Hybridge full arch restorations can help solve several dental issues permanently and cost-effectively. Do you have advanced periodontal disease? Are most of your teeth loose and falling out? Are you already struggling with ill-fitting dentures? Have you had an accident where you have been left with a significant number of missing teeth? Do you continue to treat and re-treat teeth with crowns, root canals, and bridgework? Are your natural teeth failing?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you can solve your dental problems with a Hybridge full arch restoration and be very happy.

Many patients ask, “will I have teeth during this process?” Of course! With Hybridge full-arch restorations, you are never without teeth.

Hybridge full-arch restorations have two paths you can take from beginning to end. Hybridge XD can be completed in three weeks. A more traditional path, Hybridge Gen 4, can take anywhere from 3 months to 9 months. (After an evaluation, Dr. Hendrickson can determine if you are a candidate for Hybridge XD.)

Whether you receive Hybridge XD or Hybridge Gen 4, your Hybridge full-arch restoration is permanently placed on your dental implants so that you NEVER need to remove them.

When a patient receives their Hybridge full-arch restoration, they are transformed. First of all, they look beautiful. There are many tears and smiles as they reflect on their journey to their Hybridge full-arch restoration. They are forever changed, more confident. They benefit from a better appearance and quality of life they have missed out on for a long time.

Hybridge Full Arch Restoration Options

Hybridge Patient Testimonials

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Ask yourself if it makes sense to have a full-arch restoration that is dependable, long-lasting, and reasonably priced. A full-arch restoration that you take care of like your natural teeth; the very best looking natural teeth. They’re permanent, and they look beautiful. You are confident, enthusiastic; you are finally happy again.

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If you would like more detailed information about Hybridge, please go to our dedicated Hybridge page at https://hybridgeimplants.com/full-arch/dental-implants-henderson-nevada.

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Hybridge is about helping you be your best you.

Hybridge is more than going to a dentist for a procedure. As Hybridge dentists, our concern is your health and well being.