Denture Implant Solutions in Henderson, NV

Regain confidence in your smile and enjoy the small pleasures of life once again with our range of denture solutions. If you’re experiencing tooth loss due to gum disease, decay, or an unfortunate injury, you no longer have to compromise on your appearance or oral health. Our customizable dentures are designed with care to restore more than just your smile—they return the joy of eating and speaking with ease, a gift that is often underestimated until it’s missed.

At Comprehensive Dental Care, we understand the personal impact of needing dentures. We use our expertise and great compassion to help you achieve a natural, functional, vibrant appearance. Here’s how our different types of dentures can cater to your unique needs:

  • Conventional (or Permanent) Dentures: Crafted with precision, these fully removable dentures are tailored to fit perfectly in your mouth following the healing period after tooth extraction and tissue healing. Patience brings lasting rewards, as these expertly fitted dentures complement your facial structure and revitalize your profile.
  • Immediate Dentures: We value your comfort and confidence, which is why we offer immediate dentures, constructed in advance and placed on the same day as your tooth removal. While your tissue heals, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a full smile without a waiting. After your tissue has healed you will receive a permanent denture crafted to the nuances of the tissue in your mouth.
  • Over-dentures: Providing a harmonious balance between function and comfort, over-dentures are a testament to dental innovation. At times we can use your existing teeth to anchor your dentures. We enhance the stability of your denture and provide additional support to your dentures by using healthy, stable existing teeth. If you have no teeth suitable for preservation, we can also utilize implants to secure your new smile.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: We offer a full complement of implant-supported dentures. You can read more about implant-supported dentures here. You can watch our short video on implant-supported dentures here. If you would like to explore your options and pricing, you can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Gregg Hendrickson at Comprehensive Dental Implant Center.

What benefits can you expect from new dentures?

  • Chew and Speak with Ease: Dentures are custom-designed tooth replacement options that enable you to enjoy your favorite foods and converse confidently, just as you would with your natural teeth.
  • Maintain A More Youthful Appearance: Natural tooth loss can lead to facial sagging. Dentures provide the necessary support to keep your facial muscles toned, portraying a more youthful you.
  • Seamless Integration: Expertly crafted to look similar to natural teeth, dentures ensure your look remains unchanged, often enhancing your smile beautifully.

Each denture option has been cultivated to improve your aesthetics and function. We also focus on creating dentures that look like your natural teeth, we strive to maintain the essence of your original smile while enhancing its appeal. Trust in our expertise, our team is dedicated to your dental care. Our dentists will help you find the denture option that gives you the best outcome!

Are you ready to rediscover the joy of a full smile? Schedule your appointment today. Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have! Rediscover your smile, rediscover you with our personalized denture solutions.

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