Implant-supported dentures are an excellent way to solve denture problems (or false teeth issues). Denture problems can include ill-fitting dentures, eating issues and speaking issues along with many others and some that may be specific to you.

Implant-supported dentures are dentures that are attached to and supported by dental implants. A traditional denture rests on your gums rather than the dental implants.

If you have no teeth or are missing a majority of your teeth, implant supported dentures are an excellent choice. Additionally, if the outlook for keeping what teeth you have in your mouth is weak, you may also want to consider implant supported dentures.

You will always have teeth in your mouth during this process. As a matter of fact, most companies that advertise teeth in a day are only giving you a temporary denture until your final denture is finished. Rest assured, you will never be without teeth once you begin the process of dentures supported by implants.

What if I don’t have enough bone? We routinely do bone grafting procedures in our office. Many patients have been able to have implant-supported dentures because of the bone grafting we do. Additionally, bone grafting is a straightforward procedure that we are quite successful at doing.

At Comprehensive Dental, we wouldn’t support putting only two dental implants to support a denture. We feel with four or more dental implants supporting your denture your long-term success is much more predictable. We feel that our patients deserve the dental treatment that will last long after four or five years.

Can you tell me how to get started with implant-supported dentures? We recommend an scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Hendrickson. At your consultation, Dr. Hendrickson will give you your options, your costs and answer any of your questions.

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