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What happens when you suffer from advanced periodontal disease and need surgery? You do a little research and find out about a successful alternative that makes surgery obsolete. That solution is called perioscopy.

What is perioscopy? Perioscopy uses a miniature dental endoscope with video, lighting, and magnification technology that allows your hygienist to diagnose and treat below the gum line.

How does the dental endoscope work? The dental endoscope attaches to a probe that is gently placed below the gumline. The images are transmitted to a screen where they are magnified allowing minute details to appear on the screen.

What are the advantages of perioscopy? The biggest advantage of perioscopy is that periodontal disease can be effectively treated. The hygienist actually sees the problem areas and treats those spots rather than guessing or needing surgery to open the gum up.

Is perioscopy right for you? If you have pockets deeper than 4mm, then you are a candidate for perioscopy. Can surgery be avoided with perioscopy? Yes, you can avoid surgery by having periscopy therapy instead.

How long does perioscopy take? The time perioscopy takes is dependent on many factors. Your doctor or hygienist can give you a better idea.

Is perioscopy expensive and/or painful? Perioscopy treatment is less than surgery. Many patients are very satisfied with perioscopy treatment because the save their natural teeth. If you can not save your teeth, many times you will need an implant. Perioscopy treatment is less than implants! Perioscopy is not painful. Anesthesia is always available in the event that you are highly sensitive.

What is the outcome with perioscopy? The outcome is always dependent on each individual person. Our registered dental hygienists are highly qualified in delivering perioscopy therapy. Periscope therapy may remove the need to have Periodontal Surgery.

We recommend talking to your Dr. Le or Dr. Hendrickson about perioscopy. They can let you know if you are a candidate for this type of treatment.