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Four Popular Questions About Hybridge Restorations

Hybridge Restoration

What is the difference between regular implants and a Hybridge full arch restoration?

For those looking to replace an entire arch of teeth, Hybridge Full Arch offers a fast and cost-effective alternative.

This specialized protocol has been perfected to produce prosthetic restorations with full dental function in as little time as half the typical implant bridgework timeline – all while reducing costs.

Utilizing quality restoration material and chrome cobalt bridges supported on 5 or 6 implants, up to twelve lost teeth can be replaced quickly for lasting results!


What is the cost for Hybridge?

Hybridge treatments are as unique and individualized as the people that pursue them. From tooth count to bone structure, a variety of factors come together to create distinctive solutions – meaning costs can vary from one person to another.  

Hybridge is one of the most reasonable full arch restorations available to people today.  A FREE consultation with Dr. Hendrickson will help you get the right treatment at just the right price! 


What if I’ve been told I don’t have enough bone in my mouth for dental implants?

The Hybridge Full Arch process is truly a one-of-a-kind dental solution, allowing even those labeled as ineligible for implants to receive treatment.

Through the use of advanced technology such as Dental CT scans and bone grafting methods, we can pinpoint any needed augmentation or addition in existing bone structure—offering hope where otherwise there may have been none.


Will I have teeth during my treatment?

During your dental treatment, you don’t have to worry about going without teeth! Instead of being toothless, a temporary restoration will provide beautiful esthetics and function until it’s time for your permanent restoration on reveal day.


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