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So you aren’t sure what Invisalign is?  Invisalign is an innovative product that is used to straighten your teeth; it has been available since 1997.  This procedure uses a series of custom made clear aligners to straighten your teeth.

Clear aligners are fabulous.
This is a clear aligner.

Since 1997, Invisalign has been responsible for helping over three million people have a perfect, beautiful smile!


Tell me more about Invisalign.

The clear aligners used in Invisalign are made of a smooth, comfortable, invisible plastic that you simply wear over your teeth.  The series of aligners gently move your teeth according to your treatment plan.  You change your aligners every two weeks until your treatment is completed.   Generally, you come to the office every six weeks for a check up with the dentist.  Doesn’t that sound easy?Clear Aligners

How are aligners different than braces?

First of all, your aligners are clear so they look invisible.  Sure the people closet to you may notice them, but others probably won’t.

Certainly you remember the old bracket and wire system of braces?  Do you also remember all the pain associated with those?  None of that exists with Invisalign.  Your teeth may be a bit sensitive when you first start or when you switch aligners but for people that is a minor temporary nuisance; nothing like the excruciating pain for days or weeks with traditional braces.

Additionally, your clear aligners can come out in the event of special events or important meetings.  Since your aligners come out, that means cleaning your teeth will be as easy as ever…along with that all important flossing of your teeth! Not to mention check ups every six weeks.  Why wouldn’t you prefer Invisalign over traditional braces?

What other benefits are there to Invisalign?

The benefits are many.  Here are just a few…

Invisalign much more comfortable.
Invisalign versus traditional braces…you pick!
  • Can straighten many different types of dental issues.
  • Eat whatever types of foods you want.
  • Remove the aligners as needed.
  • Brush and floss normally.
  • Smooth, comfortable, invisible plastic.
  • Office visits every four to six weeks.
  • Great end result!

How much does Invisalign cost?

At our office, our Invisalign cost is very competitive.  If you are interested in this treatment  for you or a family member, we encourage you to set up a complimentary consultation.  Come meet our team, get your questions answered and we can give you your Invisalign options and prices!  (702) 735-3284