We Solve Complex Dental Issues

Do you have complex dental issues? Come see a Board Certified Dental Implant Dentist to get them solved. We pride ourselves on our exceptional dentistry, outstanding customer service and a complimentary consultation.

Having complex dental issues is hard. Most people aren’t sure where to turn for help. Many offices are willing to try to solve your issues, but who is qualified to solve your issues.

At our office, Dr. Hendrickson is a highly qualified Dental Implant Dentist. He is certifed by three different organization, one of the few dentists in Nevada to have such designations.

As you think about what you need, you may want to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Hendrickson. At a free consultation, Dr. Hendrickson will give you all of your dental options and the cost of each option. He can answer each and every question you have. Get to know Dr. Hendrickson and his highly rated dental team, all at no charge to you!