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Toothbrush Choices

Electric? Manual? Curved Head? Flat Head? The world of toothbrushes seems to be thriving! If you need some help selecting a toothbrush keep reading. First of all, always follow your dentist’s recommendations. Since your dentist has had a peak into your personal situation, he or she knows best. If you don’t have a specific recommendation we’ll help you sort it out.


Electric versus manual…

Many will agree that an electric toothbrush can do a better job than a manual toothbrush especially if you follow the directions that come with your cadillac brush. The key there is “following the directions”. Electric brushes can help you reach difficult areas in a very efficient manner. Additionally, your teeth—that you only have one set of—deserve the best!


Manual mayhem in the toothbrush aisle…yeah if you look at all those manual brushes who wouldn’t be confused! Here are the tips from the dentists at Comprehensive Dental Care…

Choose the right toothbrush.
Choosing a toothbrush can be confusing.


Size and Shape of Head

Clearly, toothbrushes come in all shapes and sizes. Choose the shape and size that fits most comfortably in your mouth. No need for discomfort, if your brush fits in your mouth comfortably you are more likely to brush well.


Handle Shape

You might be thinking “golf club grip” when you choose your toothbrush, but honestly, the grip makes no difference. Find one that is comfortable in your hand. Children will do better with a larger handle as it is easier for them to hold and handle.


Firmness of the Bristles

Now we get into the meat and potatoes…use SOFT bristles. 99% of all dentists will tell you that SOFT bristles will get the job done well. Also roughing up your teeth and your gums DOES NOT do a better job. Soft and sweet removes the treat! Reach for the soft bristled toothbrush.


Shape of the Bristles

What’s in a shape anyway? Well, let me tell you. A rounded bristle will be kinder and gentler to all things in your mouth including that tender gum tissue! Blunt bristles can be mean and hurtful…for a nice brush choose the rounded bristles!


Surface of the Brush

Is the surface of the toothbrush that contacts your teeth flat, wavy or rounded? Look for a multilevel surface toothbrush. Brushes with a multilevel will sneak into those hard to reach areas and help keep your pearly whites cleaner.


Will my toothbrush last forever?

Beautiful smile by brushing.
Taking care of your teeth will help them last a lifetime.

Unlike Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, your toothbrush is great for about three months! Make sure you change that fabulous device that is going to keep your teeth looking beautiful for your entire life every three months! Don’t forget to allow your toothbrush to AIR dry in between uses!


Tune in next time for a riveting discussion on toothpaste.  See you then!  This article brought to you by the dentists at Comprehensive Dental Care in Henderson, Nevada (702) 735-3284.


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