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Smiles and Coffee

What do coffee, smiles, and dentistry have in common?

Admittedly an odd trio to find together in a sentence. So let me share the story.


Our friends just opened Dark Moon Coffee Roasters less than a mile from our office. See picture below. (Congratulations again!)

Coffee in Henderson
Dark Moon Coffee Roasters open now in Henderson.  Siena Heights and Eastern Ave.

We are no strangers to coffee…as a matter of fact, Dr. Gregg is a huge coffee buff.  He roasts his own coffee beans for his own coffee.  He even visits coffee plantations on vacation.  (See below…he also LOVED the Dark Moon Coffee Bean Roaster!)

Coffee plants.
Dr. Gregg planting a coffee plant in Costa Rica.  (The man watching is the fifth generation master coffee grower.)


So what does coffee have to do with your smile and dentistry?

Okay, I’ll get to that now..take a peek of this video and you’ll see the connection coffee has to smiles!

Are you beginning to see the connection yet?  Well, if not, I’ll connect the dots!

Coffee lovers give themselves away when they visit the dentist…coffee stains your teeth and does that quite well.  So if you are a coffee lover, make sure you get your teeth regularly checked and cleaned by your favorite dental hygienist!

That’s it!  Sending you a smile and some coffee love!