Schedule an Appointment

Why bother trying to call your dental office for an appointment, when you can easily schedule online. Our online scheduling tool is ready to serve you.

What kind of appointments can you make? 

 You can make new patient appointments, hygiene appointments, Invisalign consultations, and emergency dental appointments. Current patients can schedule all of those appointments as well as follow-up appointments.

Why did we decide to offer online scheduling? 

First, let me mention that our online scheduling happens in real-time, which means you are looking at actual appointment times that are available. Once you schedule your appointment, that time is removed from our appointment book. (Most offices offer online scheduling requests not confirmed appointments.) The appointment you scheduled through our system is confirmed.

Why use online scheduling? 

Scheduling online is easier for our patients to make appointments. This means you can schedule while you are at home relaxing, sitting on an airplane, or on the weekend when our office is closed.

Is scheduling easy to do? 

Positively! You just need to click on our link and follow the steps. It couldn’t be easier! 

Any questions, you can always reach our kind team at (702) 735-3284 through call or text. Email is always an option as well: [email protected]