Options for Denture Wearers

No More Dentures is a theme we here often at our dental office. Patients are tired of the problems dentures cause them. Patients want more. Dr. Gregg Hendrickson offers all our denture patients, no more dentures. A protocol called Hybridge, patients can have permanent full arch restoration placed on their implants. The result? Patients who love their teeth again.

No More Dentures

Have often have you wished you could step back in time to the days when you had a full set of teeth and could eat anything, speak anywhere, and do anything without concern for what your teeth were up to?

Dentures…they do make life a challenge.

There is something you can do now to get rid of those challenges. Hw about a permanent full arch of teeth to replace your denture? Or two permanent full arches to replace both of your arches?

Dr. Gregg Hendrickson of Comprehensive Dental Care in Henderson, NV has been helping his patients leave their dentures behind. They are very happy and satisfied.

Listen to Dr. Hendrickson explain what he does on this short video clip.https://www.youtube.com/embed/YT2o_TF59CU

Would you like more information on No More Dentures or Hybridge?

You can call or text our office (702) 735-3284 and get informatiion on Hybridge and No More Dentures from one of our Care Cooordinators.