Comprehensive Dental Care

Math, Science, the Golden Proportion and Dentistry

Did you know when your smile is designed (especially full mouth reconstruction with dental implants) a lot of math and science help?  That’s because of a concept called the “golden proportion”.  The golden proportion is a visual layout (for sake of a better term) of objects that follow a special math equation.  It is very pleasing to the human eye.  A concept that is easier to see than explain in words.  Watch our one minute video to understand the golden proportion.  You will be amazed at what you see and hear!

So now you know that when something is pleasing to your eye it can be because of the golden proportion. Your natural smile uses the golden proportion which is why our reconstructed smiles follow the golden proportion.  A good dentist will always look at the aesthetics of their restorations to make sure the restorations follow the natural beauty of a smile.

Knowing what looks good in a smile is just one of the many ways our office sets ourselves apart from other dental offices.  We take restoring your smile seriously whether it is as simple as tooth whitening or as complex as dental implants.

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