Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are the wave of the future. Dr. Gregg Hendrickson of Comprehensive Dental Care in Henderson, NV has helped over 200 people in Henderson and Las Vegas live again with implant supported dentures. In this article, learn a little bit more about implant supported dentures

Dentures have been a solution for missing teeth since 700 BC when the Etruscans of Italy made the first false teeth. Of course, their dentures were fairly unsophisticated and were made out of human or animal teeth! Imagine that!

Fast forward to today’s world, and one can be easily confused when talking about dentures. Conventional dentures go on top of and around your gums.

They stay in place because they fit snugly and sometimes require the use of adhesives. They can be a quick, inexpensive fix for someone in need of teeth.

Today, implant-supported dentures are the standard for dentures. These dentures don’t sit on your gums. Instead, they sit on dental implants.

How does that work? Dental implants are placed into the bone in your gums. After a period of healing, your denture is placed on the dental implants. Your denture will snap on or screw into the dental implants.

At our office, our dentures are made to rest on five to six dental implants which creates a very stable, secure denture. Once your denture is in place, you will enjoy the freedom you were missing. You’ll eat better, no more word slurring, no more sliding denture, no more embarrassing moments. Welcome to living again!

Naturally, there is more to implant supported dentures than our short article presents. We invite you to come to our office for a complimentary consultation, find out more about implant supported dentures, your options, and costs. Call us today.