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Choosing A Dental Implant Office – Five Considerations

Why do people choose your dental implant Office?

Questions are cool
A question about a dental implant office got me thinking.

I was out with some friends and one of them asked me why I thought people came to me for dental implants.  I suppose I hadn’t really thought about the exact reasons people seek out our dental implant office, but I did have some ideas.  Since I’m blog writing today, I thought I would share them with you…nothing scientific, just my intuition.

Skill Level

I’d really like to say my skill level is the number one reason people come to see me, but truth be told, most guests coming to our office for the first time have little idea about all of the advanced training I have and continue to have.  So even though in my eyes, that would be the number one reason to see me, I don’t think is in the eyes of my patients.

Word of Mouth

My intuition would tell me most of the people seeking dental implants in our office have been referred by family, friends or coworkers of our established patients.  Our current patients understand what it takes to be great at dental implants and they pass that information on to their friends, family and coworkers.   People pick us because they know about our caring attitude and our quality dental work through people they are close to.

Patient Experience

From the moment guests come into our office, they notice our warm, friendly team members.  Our team is focused on delivering exceptional dental care in an exceptional manner.  Simply put…you are the reason we are and helping you achieve your dental health goals is what makes us tick.  We strive to provide that care in the kindest environment possible.

Dental Team 2017 at our dental implant office.
Pictured BEST Dental Implant Office in Las Vegas and Henderson (in our opinion)!

Non Judgemental

One of our best attributes as an office is we don’t judge the current state of your mouth.  We see many people who don’t currently have a dentist or who haven’t seen a dentist in 10 or 20 years.  Whatever your case may be, we are here to move you forward not to dwell on how you arrive at our office.  We applaud people who can summon the courage to come into the office for that first step.  We understand how difficult that is.  We’ll take very good care of you…even if that means holding your hand through all of your appointments. You are important and we want you to feel great about your decision to come to the dentist! (We also offer IV sedation.)


Some may think what is honesty doing on that list!  We have seen people promised so much when it comes to dental implants; before you know it, they are disappointed and out of a large amount of money. We are honest about your case and what can be done…right from the beginning.  Our goal is a thorough evaluation then discussing your options and costs.  We respect your right to choose and not being pushed into a solution that is in someone else’s best interest.  We are thorough and honest period.

Beautiful Smile

Most people coming to our office for dental implants or implant supported dentures come because they have seen the end result of our dental work on a friend, coworker or family member.  Our dental implants and implant supported dentures are beautiful. We use only the best products from the best companies and labs in our country.  Our goal is you smiling in the mirror feeling beautiful and delighted!

Choosing a dental implant office is easy.
Beautiful smile.

So even though there are other reasons people love our office, intuitively, I think that is why people keep coming to our office for dental implants!  If you are considering dental implants, implant supported dentures or dentures…give us a call.  We would love you to come in and meet our exceptional team and see what we can do for you!  Have a beautiful day!

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