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10 Reasons For Choosing Our Dental Office

As one of the contributors to our website,  every now and then I like to throw in some humor.  So today is my nonsense subject post that some might actually find useful.  Of course, I think we hands down have the BEST dental office in the valley.  Today I will share with you the top 10 reasons why.  I hope you enjoy this snap shot of our office…in no particular order!

  1.  Waiting Room – Our waiting room is friendly.  Nice warm colors, water, coffee, tea. Great magazines (that aren’t old).  No NEWS boring you to death (or making you mad) on the tv!

    No News Here.
    News Free Zone in our waiting room.
  2. Welcoming Reception Team – did I say great reception team?  Yup, the friendliest Administrative Care Coordinators (that’s their technical title) you will ever find…even if you come in crabby (we hope not) or scared (we’ll hold your hand).
  3. Disposable Toothbrushes – Okay, okay I know this is silly, but have you ever forgotten to brush your teeth and then you want to?   Or maybe you came to the office from work and didn’t have time to brush your teeth…well, we have you covered.  Ask those lovely Administrative Care Coordinators for a disposable toothbrush and directions to the facilities!
  4. Care Coordinators Extraordinaire – We have five of the BEST Care Coordinators (aka Dental Assistants) in the valley.    I bet combined they have about 70 years experience.  It’s not just about their expert dental experience these women are top notch kind, compassionate people.  They will take excellent care of you.  Before you know it all the stress and fear of the dentist (if you have any) will melt away!
  5. Great Views out our Windows – I know some dental offices let you face a painted wall or some ugly wallpaper all appointment long…not us!  We have big, huge windows with great views…okay so some views are of the intersection of Horizon and Coronado Center, but if you like cars, we see some pretty nice ones driving by.
  6. Great technology – Lots of dental offices like to say “we have lots of technology”. Our office has a
    ICAT Technology shows the facts.
    ICAT Technology is the necessary for implants.

    HISTORY of technology.  We were one of the first offices to go paperless and use computers. One of the first to use digital x rays (saving the environment and our employees from those chemicals). An early believer in dental implants (making life better for those without teeth). The very first dentist to have ICAT Technology.  There are others…but you get the picture.

  7. Amazing Hygiene Team – Did I say Amazing Hygiene Team?  I always tell everyone how fantastic our hygienists are.  I know people get stuck on seeing one hygienist (understand this) and they prefer to keep it that way. Lucky me I get to hop in on cancellations and take whoever is available,whenever. Consequently, I have had my teeth cleaned by everyone of our hygienists.  I can personally say they are all F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!
  8. Always Available In Case of Emergency – Do you know that you can ALWAYS reach one of our dentists?  That’s right…we are still doing business the old fashion way.  Still can reach us after hours if
    Always available.
    We are here for you.

    you need to.  (Don’t know if everyone is doing that…just sayin’)  Check the contact area of our website or call the office after hours and you easily get the numbers.

  9. Honest, Professional Care – We pride ourselves on our professionalism and honest care.  When you come to our office we are going to be honest with you and we are going to treat you like our family. (No naughty relative jokes here!)  Pretty sure you can read our reviews on Facebook and discern this on your own.
  10. Dentists That Are SUPERIOR – I’ll let you in on a little secret.  We are so dang popular because people love our two dentists…Dr. Le and Dr. Hendrickson.  They are both well trained, excellent dentists who have your best interest at heart.  Dr. Le was born and raised in Las Vegas and Dr. Gregg (as he is called in the office) has lived here since he was 5.  They both have a deep sense of community for our area and enjoy serving the families of Henderson and Las Vegas.

That’s it…the top 10 reasons to choose our dental office!  Hope you enjoyed them…any questions you can always call us.  Hope to see you at the dental office, but only twice a year!

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