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The Wild Ride of Dental Implant Prices

Free Dental Implants!  Dental Implants for $695!

Dental Implants for $1999! Dental Implants for $2999!

Dental implants prices and the advertising surrounding dental implant prices can be quite confusing.  After all, if you need a dental implant wouldn’t you like it to be free or only $695? Most consumers understand that a “free” dental implant doesn’t exist.  What about those dental implants for $695, $1999, or $2999?  Surely one of those must be a credible price for a dental implant?

Receptionists are helpful.
Our receptionists are very kind.

Let me share with you what I know about dental implant prices and why we don’t quote dental implant prices before seeing you in our office, but rather offer you a free consultation.

If a person calls for a dental implant price, we really don’t know what they need.  The only thing they want is a price for a dental implant which is very different for the cost of a dental implant procedure.  Some individuals will fall for the trick of a dental implant is only $1200 but the rest of the procedure is another $1500.

At our office we never do that.

Let me explain.

The condition of your mouth is very similar to your fingerprint.  Your fingerprint, although it looks like everyone else’s fingerprint, is uniquely you.  No one on this earth has the same fingerprint.  Your mouth and the condition of your mouth is also uniquely you.  Yes, everyone has a tongue, bone and teeth in their mouth, but all of those things can be in varying conditions which will affect how much or how little your treatment costs.

A space in the mouth where teeth have been missing may or may not have enough bone to securely hold a dental implant.  A dental implant procedure would cost more if you needed bone grafting less if you did not.  Only an X-ray can determine if you need bone grafting.

Dental implants can be different
Dental implants procedures vary.

Many times the tooth next to a missing space may be falling in toward the empty space where a dental implant would be placed. That natural tooth may need some adjustments before a permanent dental implant could be placed.  A dental implant procedure like that would be a different price.

Perhaps another individual calls our office to have their denture replaced with dental implants.  Without looking at their mouth, the condition of their bridge and the adjacent teeth, it would be impossible to quote a price over the phone.  Perhaps the adjacent teeth that once held the bridge were failing now and needed restoring.  Maybe the area just needs a few implants and a new restoration.  Perhaps most of the teeth are compromised and a better solution is a full arch denture.

Why A Consultation?

A consultation would allow our dentist to check the condition of your mouth and all the factors that go into having successful dental implants.  If your dental implant isn’t a success then neither our we; that’s why it is so important for us to begin the dental implant procedure properly right at the beginning. (That’s why we don’t believe in quoting random prices over the phone.)

Consult with our Dentists.

After an exam, you can expect to leave our office knowing your options and costs for your dental procedures.  Nothing mysterious or complicated, just professionalism and honesty.  At that point, you can decide what is best for you with a solid recommendation from a top notch dental team.  Call today for your complimentary consultation and find out how we can help you.  (702) 735-3284.