Why Yellow Teeth Might Be Ruining Your LifeWhen it comes to your smile, yellow is the new black – meaning that the color is likely to get you blacklisted. And even though you may think you never judge a book by its cover, the truth of the matter is that people tend to make reflexive assumptions about others based on superficial components like their physical appearance. So if you think that your yellow teeth aren’t affecting your life, think again – they may be holding you back from reaching your social, professional and even your romantic potential.

So what non-verbal cues are your yellow teeth sending? Well, it could be more than you think. Here are some ways your teeth may affect your life.

Your job prospects

While more and more careers these days may involve telecommuting, most still require face-to-face interaction, especially during the interview process. When you present a smile that’s, well, less than pearly white, you could be sending a subconscious signal to your would-be boss that you don’t care about your appearance. In fact, your new employer could assume that you take your work only as seriously as you take your dental hygiene.

Kiss on the CheekYour romantic life 

In our modern day of internet dating and blind date setups, first impressions can be a big, big deal. That said, few people include “canary yellow teeth” on their list of turn-ons. In fact, both men and women commonly find yellow teeth a turn-off at best and a deal breaker at worst. Studies have actually shown that both men and women find yellow teeth a worse characteristic in a potential date than spotty skin or bad table manners.

Teacher talking with studentsYour education

It may not be love or war, but when it comes to getting good grades, the same rule may apply; all’s fair. Or at least that’s how it seems to be, since studies actually show that teachers give better grades to more attractive students. And while you don’t have to be Cindy Crawford to score an A in most college classes, a white set of teeth could likely help you out – especially if in-person presentations are part of the deal.

Your current employment

Sure, we’ve already covered the problems surrounding yellow teeth and job interviews, but what about your current employment? Well, if you’re hoping for some serious career development with your current company, your teeth could be presenting a major problem. Your yellow teeth could be telling your employer something about yourself – like that you’re a smoker, addicted to coffee or wine, or that you lack self-confidence and personal hygiene. Not really the stuff of the future CEO, is it?

That traffic ticket

So you got pulled over for going 5 over the speed limit. Bummer. But when you can’t talk your way out of that ticket, is it your persuasive skills or your teeth that are saying more? When you have terrible teeth, police officers and, perhaps, a judge may subconsciously pre-judge you as not caring for yourself and possibly others. And that’s not a class you want to be in when law enforcement is involved.

Meeting with BossYour networking skills

The success of your career has a lot to do with whom you know. That’s why networking is so important in the career development process. When you make business connections and form networking relationships, these relationships can really help you throughout your career. That said, your appearance and self-confidence has a lot to do with you ability to make networking connections with ease. Just as you’d never attend a professional event in jeans and sneakers, so you should never turn up with a dingy, yellow and unhealthy smile.

Your social (networking) life

Could your social networking life use a few more selfies? Well, the best way to distract your friends and connections from your otherwise perfect selfie is a yellow smile. Your yellow teeth could even be distracting viewers from the real purpose of your photo. And the response (or lack thereof) could then lead to a decrease in your own confidence. Got a beautiful white smile? Hashtag it with #whiteteethselfie so you can join the ranks of dazzling smiles. (it takes a minute to update, so if you post a photo come back in a few minutes and it should be here!)


Your social perception

Ever wonder what your friends and acquaintances are thinking about you? Well, if you have unhealthy, yellow teeth, you may not want to know. That’s because people could be pre-judging you as reckless, unhealthy and even less educated than you really are.

If you have bad teeth, you’re likely your harshest critic. And feeling like your smile is less-than bright could hinder your self-confidence and hold you back from a number of fulfilling relationships and experiences. In fact, Carrington College reports that white teeth can make you look 5 years younger and increase your attractiveness by 20 percent – think of what those numbers would do for your confidence.

Your new business prospects

Are you an entrepreneur or does your career depend on sales? Well, your teeth could be keeping you from garnering new business. Your potential customers may see your unhealthy and assume that you’re not as successful, bright or “with it” as you are. And that’s not going to help your business at all.

Your social status

Sure, it may not be everything, but you’re likely looking to improve your social status. One way to do that quickly is by improving your smile. People with brighter, whiter, healthier smiles are often perceived as more successful than those with dingy, unhealthy teeth. Don’t believe us? Improve your smile today and tell us how your life improves.

If all else fails…

Try any of the above during cosmic bowling, and… well… the results speak for themselves.



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