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First of all, what is bruxism?

Bruxism is the clenching of your jaw or the grinding of your teeth.  Bruxism usually happens at night while people are sleeping, although it can wake you up.

Additionally, clenching is when you hold your teeth together tightly.  Grinding is when you slide your teeth together in a back and forth manner.

Both grinding and clenching will ruin your teeth over time.

Okay, I might have this. What are the top 9 symptoms?

Trouble sleeping.

Markings on your tongue.

Sensitive teeth can be a symptom of bruxism.
Bruxism causes teeth sensitivity.

Teeth that are cracked or worn.  Fillings that are cracked or worn.

Sensitive teeth.

Pain in your face.

Toothaches with no origin.

Jaw clicking.

Sore jaw.

Earache or headaches.

These symptoms seem a bit generic.  Should I see my dentist?

We couldn’t agree with you more.  Your dentist will be able to look at your teeth to see if there is unusual wear on your teeth.  Your dentist will also check for cracking of your teeth and fillings.  These are signs of bruxism.

What causes bruxism?

All the causes of bruxism are not known, but we do know that stress, sleep disorders and malocclusion (poor bite) will contribute to the problem.

How do you fix this problem of bruxism?

Glad you asked.  Bruxism is very easy to treat.  In most cases, your dentist will make you a night guard.  A night guard is a device that slips over your teeth and protests them while you sleep.  Most importantly, the night guard prevents your teeth for wearing down.

If your problem is caused by an underlying sleep disorder, your dentist may suggest a sleep study.  If your dentist recommends a sleep study, we strongly recommend doing this as sleep disorders can affect many aspects pf your overall health.  A sleep disorder is fairly easy to cure.  You can read about sleep apnea here.

Is there anything I can do to minimize this condition?

Yes and no.  Try to reduce stress in your life.  If your stress level is just to high, see your medical doctor.  You can also look for alternative therapies such as yoga, meditation and pilates.  Anything that reduces your stress levels may help.

What is the most important thing I should learn reading this post?

Bruxism is treatable.  Without treatment, your teeth will eventually wear away or start eroding where your teeth meet the gum.  Be proactive, it only takes a little bit ti save your teeth and keep them beautiful!


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