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Smiles Aren’t The Only Beautiful Thing In The World

At Comprehensive Dental Care in Henderson, NV, we love a beautiful smile. Let’s not have tunnel vision or be a shallow Hal. Here is some beauty that easily rivals a great smile. We hope you enjoy!

Keukenhof, Holland

How about a walk through a garden with it’s beginnings in the 15th century? Ahh…you say you can;t leave home quite yet because of COVID? No worries, visit on via the link you will find below. First, a little history.

History of Keukenhof

During the 15th century, Countess Jacoba van Beieren [Jacqueline of Bavaria] (1401-1436) gathered fruit and vegetables from the Keukenduin [kitchen dunes] for the kitchen of Teylingen Castle, the humble beginnings of the gardens that became Keukenhof.

In 1857, landscape architectures were commissioned to transform the area into an English styled garden. Today, that style is still the basis of the world reknowed gardens of Keukenhof, Holland.

In 1949, top gardeners in Holland came up with the idea to use the gardens to display the spring flowering bulbs Holland is so famous for. In 1950, the park opened their gates to the public.

The Gardens Today

Today, in 2020 the gardens are celebrating their 71st birthday! Enjoy the beauty of the park at your convenience with the link below. Be sure to share the beauty of the park with your friends and family; remember, when you are looking for a great smile, visit our office, Comprehensive Dental Care in Henderson, NV.

Enjoy our five star patient review from Sharon:

I am always so impressed and pleased with each and every visit I have had at Comprehensive Dental Care. The entire staff, Dr. Hendrickson and Dr. Le are all phenomenal in their treatment and care. Always so professional and thorough with their evaluations and care! I am thankful for their wonderful people and care skills that’s made me no longer dread going to the dentist. They are a blessing! My smile has never been better!

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