Permanently Placed Dentures

Permanently Placed Dentures

Many of our patients come to us seeking a solution for dentures they dislike. Hybridge is an ideal solution for those patients. Hybridge permanently places your denture in your mouth. Some dentists will tell you that they can do the same thing and they can. The difference is the way Hybridge is made and the ease that a patient can clean their gums and implants under their device. Hybridge has perfected an easy, simple way for patients to clean their Hybridge device without taking it out.

Permanently Placed Dentures

Our favorite thing to tell a denture wearer is to toss your denture and have a permanently placed Hybridge full-arch restoration. Hybridge has perfected a full arch that allows a patient to easily clean under their Hybridge restoration. This ease of cleaning allows a Hybridge to be permanently retained in your mouth.

Of course, your dentist can remove your Hybridge device if necessary. This happens occasionally, but most patients can clean under their Hybridge and do not need it removed.

One Year of Complimentary Oral Hygiene Care

Additionally, when patients decide on Hybridge full-arch restoration at our office, we give you one price for your complete, permanent restoration, including one year of complimentary oral hygiene care.

Why do we give you one year of hygiene care? We want you to excel at taking care of your Hybridge full-arch restoration. Our hygiene team makes sure you are doing everything right to have a fabulous experience living your best life with your new Hybridge full-arch restoration.

Scott Shares His Experience

Does Cost Matter?

The cost of Hybridge is neither at the high end or the low end of the scale. It really ends up being somewhere in the middle. We feel like it is an excellent value for the cost.

With Hybridge, there is no reason to pay any more. In all the years we have been delivering Hybridge full arch restorations, we have never had a single patient say it wasn’t worth what they spent. Cost does matter, and Hybridge is an excellent value.


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