Comprehensive Dental Care

mouth guardSpringtime is here and that means that the summer sports season is right around the corner. Whether you’ve got a little soccer star, a champion homerun-hitter or a track and field enthusiast, summer is all about spending long hours on the field, the sidelines, the track and the pool. But before you help your kids strap on those kneepads or helmet, take a few sporting precautions.

Believe it or not, those team sports that help your kid form character and learn to trust his team members can also do some damage on his mouth. We’ve seen more than a few tykes (and some older athletes) in need of treatment for a chipped or knocked-out tooth for lack of a mouth guard. And the issues don’t end there; sports season is busy. So busy that kids can slip in the hygiene department and end up with cavities and decaying teeth. Here’s what to think about this season:

Protect Those Teeth with a Mouth Guard

If your kids are playing sports this season, invest in a mouth guard. A mouth guard is the best way to prevent dental injuries including chipped or lost teeth and nerve damage. This is especially important if your kids play a contact sport of any kind. There are a few types of guards you can get:

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

You can generally find these easy-to-use guards at any sporting goods store. The idea here is that the guard softens as it’s heated, allowing you to customize the fit by having your child bite into the warm material. Since these are mass-produced, however, it can be difficult to get a perfect fit.

Basic Mouth Protector

If you’re looking for a guard that’s better than nothing, getting a stock mouth protector might be a good idea. But without a customized fit, this guard won’t offer the best protection.

Custom-fitted Mouth Guard

Come see us if you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your kids’ teeth. A custom-fitted mouth guard is made for your kid’s mouth specifically, so you can be sure the fit will be perfect. Custom-fitted mouth guards are often more comfortable, so kids will be more inclined to wear them – even when you’re not around.

Ready to play ball? Make sure you pay us a visit first – we’ll help keep the kiddos protected with a mouth gaurd