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Plenty of Five Star Reviews from Real Patients.


What about reviews for dentists?

If you have ever read dentist reviews, you understand that reviews cover the spectrum from fabulous to not so nice.  But how much faith should you put in a dentists review?  Our dental office has “grown up” with reviews;  we believe in the voice of our patients.  They can easily communicate to the person at home about their experience at our office.

Are your reviews unbiased?

Reviews can be rewarding.
Should you believe reviews?

Our reviews are 100% written by our patients.

Are your dentist reviews filtered?

Our dentist reviews are not filtered; they are presented exactly how our patients posted them.  The reviews published here are all the reviews we have received during a certain time frame…for instance, this post contains all of our October dentist reviews.

Anything else you would like me to know about your dentists reviews?

Enjoy our dentist reviews written by our patients; they really like to share about what we do, great dentistry and great customer care!

October Dentist Reviews

I came in for a cleaning and Erika did an excellent job on my teeth, she was very thorough, professional, and provided me with information about my teeth and made it a very pleasant experience. Overall, an excellent care.  Tyrone  10/29/17

Excellence in professional care.   Anonymous  10/30/17

Outstanding care in a first class environment.  Keith 10/28/17

Dentist reviews by our patients.
Our patients review our dentists.

Love everyone at Comprehensive Dental Care. I trust them, they address all my concerns, they make convenient appointments and they are there for emergencies. They are the best dental professionals here in Henderson/Las Vegas.  Carol  10/28/17

As usual, the entire staff was cheerful and helpful!  Cathy  10/27/17

Everything and everyone was great!!!  Heather  10/27/17

Been with Dr. Hendrickson over 20 years. Cindy is the best. Always professional and courteous. Marsha  10/26/17

It is always a pleasure to have my teeth cleaning appointment with Cindy. She does a very thorough job, makes you feel comfortable during the visit, and afterword my teeth feel clean and sparkling.  Asya 10/25/17

Sheila was very through and professional. Did a great job.  Edward  10/25/17

Dr Gregg and his team ALWAYS provide the best in quality of care; with not just a smile but with warmth & sincere sensitivity to their guests. There is a consistent & phenomenal attention to detail that transcends every individual on the team, that can only come from the leader, Dr. Gregg. Whether is is one of the many at the front who will greet you and process your visit, or Martie, Angela or Oanh that do the individual care, everyone on the team makes you and your needs the most important to be taken care of. Thank you Dr. Gregg and the entire Comprehensive Dental Care Team!!!  Scott 10/25/17

Read our dentist reviews.
Our patients tell our story.

I thought I needed a filling replaced because I was having some pain. After probing and x-raying, Dr. Le concluded that my tooth was fine and there was no infection. Apparently, I was grinding my teeth, which caused pain. I certainly appreciate her conservative approach to treatment. This old filling will be fine for now!  Sherri 10/24/17

Dr Le is awesome!   Lori  10/22/17

Every single person I spoke with was so friendly. Honestly, I avoid the dentist at all costs but there was such a warm and welcome environment as soon as I walked in. I was so nervous about being there but when I left I felt like I made a bunch of friends….and my teeth look AMAZING! I’m so glad I found them.  Nikiya 10/20/17

Excellent service, friendly staff, and a nice clean facility!  Cedric on 10/20/17

My family exclusively uses Comprehension Dental Care because of the skill and compassion of Dr. Le and Dr. Hendrickson, the skill and caring of the professional staff, and the friendliness and professionalism of the office staff. William 10/18/17

You are so kind Leslie!!!!!!  Michelle 10/17/17

Always treated like family. Angela 10/12/17

I always have a good experience here…friendly staff and quality care. Joseph 10/12/17

Quick and painless. Scott 10/11/17

I’d broken my lower denture severely and wasn’t sure it could be repaired. Dr. H. assured me it could and yesterday I went in and as usual he was absolutely correct. He is the Best!!!!!!! He Truly cares for his patients and makes you feel like you’re special. His whole staff is very professional and courteous. His office and facilities are spotlessly clean. I would Never go anywhere else. I told him when he retires I’m going to stalk him at his house so keep a small office ready. Lol. Seriously it doesn’t get better than Dr. H.  Joyce 10/11/17

The very best dental care for many years. Highly skilled and friendly professionals. Excellent customer service. Dwight 10/9/17

I had my first appointment with Dr. Hendrickson yesterday morning. I could immediately tell he was

Dentist reviews from patients.
Dentist reviews are reliable.

definitely a professional and had the patients best interests in mind as he spoke. Plus I love his sense of humor! His examination revealed I had an abscess and presented me with the option of trying to save the tooth or extracting it. I chose to have him extract it which he did right then. One of the roots had broken which was causing the abscess…as he said, I made the right decision. His assistant Angela was a pleasure to work with also and was able to help me keep my blood pressure down which usually rises when I’m in a doctor’s office. My experience was very good and I plan on Dr. Hendrickson being my dentist from now forward. I HIGHLY recommend him and his staff which includes the front office staff which made a place for me in the first place late Thursday afternoon.  Donald 10/7/17

Excellent and timely care.  Gerald 10/7/17

Great dentist and wonderful staff. Glen 10/6/17

great visit; everyone was super.  Heather 10/6/17

Cindy is the best!!!!! Thank you.  Michelle 10/6/17