Comprehensive Dental Care

When patients come to the office for dental implants , we always try to answer all of their questions concerning the results and the costs.  One question that comes up often is deciding if dental implants are worth it?  We try to suggest thinking about the following questions…

Are you in pain?  Are your dentures ill fitting?  Dental implants are pain free and have no fit issues.  Is it worth it to be rid of the pain and the poor fit.

dental implant denture
dental implant denture

Do you regularly spend money at the dentist?  If you are constantly repairing or redoing, in the long run dental implants can be less costly.

Are you hiding your smile?  I would ask how much is your self esteem worth.  A beautiful smile will change your world on so many levels.

Can you eat the foods you want?  Sometimes missing teeth and dentures that don’t function well stop you from eating what you want.  How much happier would you be if you could eat everything you wanted?  Sometimes are health can suffer because of food choices due to issues in the mouth.  Is that you?  Is it worth it?

Dental implants are the standard of care for missing teeth.   There are many options available from TeethXpress to the Prettau Implant Bridge and everything in between.   Even if you have significant bone loss, you can still have dental implants.  We have successfully grafted bone on many patients to enable them to move forward with dental implants.

If you are wondering about dental implants,wonder no more.   For your convenience we offer a free evaluation that will outline your options and costs.   You may be a candidate for a product you don’t even know about!    At our office, we want you to feel comfortable about your dental implant choice.  When you are ready for more information or a second opinion call us at (702) 735-3284