10 Reasons to See a Dentist

10 Reasons To See A Dentist

Do you need 10 reasons to see a dentist? If so, your list is right here. It is easy to see that going to the dentist is way more than meets the eye! From health concerns to lost teeth to being pregnant, there are so many excellent reasons to go see your dentist twice a year. Embrace excellent oral health, see a dentist twice a year!

10 Reasons To See A Dentist


Check any pain or swelling in your mouth, face, or neck with your dentist. This includes any joint pain such as popping, clicking, or difficulty opening and closing your mouth. Pain is an indicator that something is wrong. Have it checked.

Gum Issues

Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? Are they swollen? Any bleeding during brushing or flossing should encourage you to visit your dentist.

Dental Restorations

So you’ve been to the dentist and gotten your smile up to speed…looking tremendous and healthy. So now you think your done and can take a pass for a couple of years, right? Wrong. Keep all those restorations disease-free by having the number of exams recommended your dentist suggests. There isn’t a dental restoration done that can’t be ruined by unchecked bacteria in your mouth over time.

Lack of Confidence in Your Smile

Do you try to hide your smile? Did you know that you can improve your smile just by whitening it? Other issues, such as missing or decayed teeth can be easily enhanced as well. If you are hiding your smile, visit a dentist, and explore your options.

Loss of a Tooth

Have you had a mishap? Lost a tooth due to an accident or injury, find a dentist right away, with your tooth. A skilled dentist has many strategies for helping you save your tooth or the bone your tooth was in. Having an excellent dentist during an emergency like this can save you lots of money in the future.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screenings are essential. Oral cancer is usually severe. Going to the dentist every six months means an oral cancer screen twice a year, all included in your dental cleaning cost. Don’t miss out on this vital cancer screening.

Medical Issues

Medical issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, chemotherapy, and radiation can affect your teeth and mouth. Ask your dental professional to join your team of health care providers. Your dentist can help protect your teeth and help you with the side effects of medications.


Being pregnant can increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease because of the increased hormones in your body. Don’t delay in scheduling an appointment with your dentist so you can keep your teeth healthy and clean and prevent any poor outcomes due to dental disease.

Dry Mouth

Do you have a dry mouth? Dry mouth can happen because of a medication you’re on or a medical condition you may have. In any event, dry mouth will eventually cause issues in your mouth. Be proactive; see your dentist.

Concern About Your Overall Health

There are so many mouth-body health connections that have been confirmed and others that are suspected. Heart disease, diabetes, lung issues, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, every year the list grows longer. Quickly reduce your risk by having a twice-annual dental visit. If you are pregnant or have diabetes, many insurance companies allow you to have four annual dental cleanings.

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