Comprehensive Dental Care

Invisalign and your dentist.
Smiles galore with Invisalign.

Straight, white beautiful teeth is something everyone would like to have.  Now you can have straight teeth without the discomfort of braces done right here at our office.  Your dentist, Dr. Le, is now able to over Invisalign to the patients of our practice.  Invisalign is a simple, straight forward way to get that beautiful straight smile.

Why Invisalign? Many dentists like Invisalign because it is a comfortable and convenient method of straightening teeth. A series of clear plastic aligners, similar to bleaching trays, are custom made for your teeth. The aligner fits over your teeth and gently moves your teeth to the optimal location. About every two weeks, your dentist, Dr Le, will give you a new set of custom trays. Each set slightly changes the location of your teeth until they are straightened to their new permanent location.

Dentists like Invisalign because their are no wires or brackets to poke or cut the tissue in your mouth. Cleaning your teeth are a snap because you just pop your trays out–no uncomfortable flossing or brushing in between wires and brackets. No brackets popping off or coming in to the office for wire changes.  Just easy to use aligners that are as clear as a window you can see through! You don’t look like you have braces on, only your dentist knows!

Why would you go to your dentist and ask for Invisalign? Perhaps you are an adult who always wanted straight teeth but did not want braces. Perhaps you are trying to have that extra edge in business. Maybe you are a teen who feels self conscious about their smile. There are many reasons to consult with your dentist about Invisalign. Why wait?! Call the office today and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Le. ((702) 735-3284)