Comprehensive Dental Care

I often talk to patients about improving their smile.  Your smile and specifically, your teeth, are one of the first things people notice about you.  Why shouldn’t they look great?

In Dentistry today, there are so many techniques to improve your smile.  An aging, yellow smile can be whitened with bleaching.  Bleaching, also know as whitening,  is a simple, easy solution for yellow teeth.  The most effective whitening  happens at your dentist’s office.  When under the care of a dentist, the active ingredients are allowed to be at a higher concentration than the mall or the drugstore, giving you a faster path to white teeth.  Your teeth can be whitened, on average, two to three shades in one visit.

Whitening through your dentist might cost you more upfront but the results will be excellent compared to treatments outside the dental office.  If your dentist doesn’t offer in office whitening, check out the ZOOM website.  You can put in your zip code and come up with many dentists in your area that offer whitening.

In my office, Zoom Whitening runs about $300.  You also will receive a set of custom made trays for your teeth to do whitening touch ups in the future (along with some whitening solution).

Why wait any longer to have bright, white teeth?  Go to the mirror right now and look at your teeth.  Be honest with yourself, do they look yellow? If you answer yes to that, call your dentist and make an appointment today.  You can have bright, white teeth by the end of the day!