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What is TeethXpress?

TeethXpress is similar to “all on four”  or “teeth in a day”, but uses more implants to secure your denture to your jaw.  (More, is in fact, better.)   Worldwide, dentures supported by implants have been successful for hundreds of thousands of people.  Every year they increase in popularity because of their long term durability, effectiveness and the continued success of dental implants.  TeethXpress can offer you secure, natural looking teeth in one day without the complications of other similar products.TeethXpress_jaw

If you currently have a denture or are missing many teeth, TeethXpress may be a solution for you.  TeethXpress eliminates typical denture problems:  loose fitting dentures, not being able to eat all the foods you want, constant use of denture adhesives, trips to the dentist for adjustments and the constant shrinking of your bone.   Implants secure your denture to your bone so your denture can function like natural teeth. You can have a confident, secure smile again!

A Certified TeethXpress dentist needs evaluate if you are a good match for TeethXpress.     Once you are a candidate, your appointments will be scheduled.  An appointment(s) prior to the implant placement will be scheduled to design your teeth (denture) so that it is available for the day of your procedure.  Typically, implant placement is done in one appointment under a local anesthetic.   It is just that simple!

TeethXpress is a fabulous option for replacing a denture or missing teeth.  If cost is a concern, our office offers financing.  (If you prefer, you can apply for financing in the privacy of your own home.)  If you would like more information on TeethXpress, call the office, talk to a care coordinator or schedule a complimentary consultation.   During your consultation, we will evaluate your dental needs,  give you an honest opinion and go over all of your options (including costs).   Get your beautiful smile today and live again!

To read more about TeethXpress on the BioHorizons website click here.

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