If there’s one time of the year that your mouth takes center stage, it’s Valentine’s Day! But if you’re self-conscious about your teeth, mouth and gums, this can be a rough holiday. But not to worry; you can get your mind into kissable shape with minimal time (and money!) in no time. And that’s a Valentine’s Day gift that keeps giving all year long.

If you’re self-conscious about your smile, here are some quick steps you can take to get it sparkling. If you’re self-conscious about your kissing technique, well, we can’t really help you there.

Amp up the routine

You brush twice a day, of course. But are you brushing thoroughly enough? Proper brushing should take at least two minutes – and that’s not long when you think about your oral health. You should also be taking time to floss at least twice a day to keep food and debris from collecting between your teeth.

Watch the candy

There may be candy hearts all around right now, but try to keep them out of your teeth. Especially harmful can be those sugary drinks and soda that wash through your mouth.

Whiten it

Whether you drink coffee, wine or soda, after a while, teeth can get dingy and stained. A whitening treatment can be a great way to instantly improve the look of your teeth. Whether you try an at-home kit or get a quick, effective laser treatment, white goes a long way!

Keep on top of potential problems

Dental problems, from tartar buildup to gum disease, can wreak havoc on your smile – not to mention your health and pocket book. Regular check-ups with you dentist – at least twice a year – can help you identify and rectify potential problems before they become worse.

Ready to get even more kissable? Come see us today!