Comprehensive Dental Care

Ah, June. This month is special for a whole lot of reasons. Not only is the weather beautiful and school is letting out all over the state, but it’s also National Safety Month – and that means it’s time to brush up on summer safety! This June, get out there and have some fun; but be sure you’re playing it safe. Here’s how:

Mouth guards

We wouldn’t be good dental professionals if we didn’t warn you first and foremost about dental injuries. During the summer months, sports and other activities can be tough on your teeth. Be sure you’re wearing an appropriate mouth guard (and if you don’t have one, we can help!) when sporting around.


Keep yourself protected under the hot summer sun by regularly applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. And don’t be stingy! You need a good quarter cup of sunscreen to a cover the parts of your body exposed in a swimsuit.


Never allow children to swim without the direct supervision of an adult. If you’re the adult supervisor, don’t ever leave children alone (even for a moment!) in the swimming pool. If you’re boating or playing around the lake or other body of water, make sure all participants wear lifejackets.


Whether riding bikes, scooters or skateboards, proper helmet wearing is an essential way to keep safe this summer. Be sure purchase helmets that meet the CPSC safety standard – then ensure that all family members have them on!


All-terrain vehicles can be a whole lot of fun – for the appropriate age group. Make sure that children too young to hold a driver’s license are not allowed to drive ATVs. Helmets and eye protection are vital for drivers and passengers in ATVs, so make sure everyone is outfitted before heading out.


Alcohol and summer activities don’t always mix. Don’t drink if you’ll be operating a vehicle, boat or ATV. Additionally, if you’ll be swimming, keep the alcohol off limits.

June is always a great month; just make sure it’s also a safe one. How will you be spending it?