Comprehensive Dental Care

teeth whiteningNovember is here, and that means the holidays are officially upon us. From family gatherings over Thanksgiving dinner to work parties, church get-togethers and holiday vacations, this is the time of year your smile is doing overtime! And with all those formal events and photo ops, you’ll want to make sure your smile is brighter than the holiday lights this season.

Improve Your Smile

Here are a few ways to make sure your smile is sparkling for the holidays.


If years of coffee drinking, red wine loving or simple wear and tear have made your teeth look a little, well, dingy, brightening it up is a whole lot easier than you think! We provide a number of fast, effective and affordable teeth whitening products and treatments, from at-home custom-fit whitening trays to laser whitening sessions. Start your holidays with a smile as white as the festive snow!


If you’ve always been self-conscious of crooked, misaligned teeth, there’s no reason to spend yet another year bummed about your smile. Invisalign provides a safe, effective and convenient way to subtly straighten your teeth. No need to be self-conscious at those holiday buffets; Invisalign allows you to eat and drink whatever you’d like!


If you have missing, loose or decayed teeth, there’s hope for you this holiday season! Dental implants are the absolute most effective way to restore your smile if you suffer from missing teeth due to injury or decay. Our dental implants will keep your jaw and gums healthy while restoring your beautiful, complete smile.


If you’re like us, your holiday season is anything but relaxing. As your schedule fills up, it’s easy to forego your basic needs – like your oral health regime or scheduling your twice-yearly exam and cleaning. But those are critical components to maintaining your oral health. Make your daily dental care a priority, regardless of how late you return from a holiday soiree. And don’t forget to call us for your exam and cleaning – your beautiful smile will thank you.

How are you keeping your smile beautiful this holiday season?