Comprehensive Dental Care

dental implants las vegasTooth loss is (unfortunately) alive and well in the United States, and millions of Americans suffer from lost teeth each year. This is usually due to common dental problems like tooth decay, gingivitis or traumatic injury to the mouth. While tooth loss in the past required more rudimentary treatments, like dentures and bridges, today, dental implants are helping patients live – and chew and speak and eat – just as they always have.

Dental Implants

Dental implants essentially replace your missing tooth – from the root to the actual crown or prosthesis. Las Vegas dental implants are made from strong titanium, which is biocompatible – meaning that it is readily accepted by the body. Your living bone tissue in your jaw will adhere to the surface of the implant itself, and treats the titanium implant like a real, natural tooth root. In this way, your dental implant essentially becomes “one” with your jawbone, giving your implant a natural look, feel and function.

This root structure also helps ensure that your jawbone maintains its integrity throughout the years. Without the stimulation of roots, your natural bone can deteriorate and lead to shrinkage – which in turns gives your face and mouth a “sunken-in” appearance. The titanium root, however, gives your bone the stimulation it needs to maintain its health.

Your dental implant will be “topped” with a crown that has a beautiful, natural appearance. Your implant is permanent and will likely never need replacing. That said, you’ll need to care for your implant just as you would any natural teeth. Regular daily brushing and flossing are critical in helping you to achieve and maintain the best oral health.

Because your dental implant is not dependent on any other teeth for anchoring, a dental implant does not damage or displace other teeth. In fact, a dental implant can help prevent undesired movement of teeth by closing up the space left by missing teeth.

If you think a dental implant is the solution for you, give us a call today. We’ll help you determine whether this is the right move for you – and your smile!