Comprehensive Dental Care

teethIt’s October, and that means we’re heading into the time of year when eating becomes a celebratory habit. From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving pies to Christmas cookies and treats, it’s easy to overdo it this time of year. You already know that your eating habits can affect your waistline, as well as your overall health. It may be time to consider what they do to your mouth.

Poor Nutrition Affects the Immune System

When you’re not getting the right nutrition, your entire body suffers. That’s because poor nutrition is linked to decreased immune system function – and that in turn affects your teeth. People with poor immune systems have been shown to be at higher risk for periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth decay and loss.

Poor Nutrition Causes Disease

There is a lot of research connecting oral health to systemic diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Both of these diseases are caused or exacerbated by obesity and poor nutrition. A healthy, moderate diet can help you prevent these diseases, and protect your oral health simultaneously.

Eating Disorders Destroy Teeth

If you suffer from an eating disorder, it affects your entire body – including your teeth. For those suffering from bulimia, the repeated behavior of binge eating followed by vomiting can cause permanent damage to your teeth. Stomach acid is highly erosive and can wear down the enamel on your teeth, often to the point of tooth decay, cavities and eventual tooth loss.

Sugary Drinks Cause Decay

Consuming a lot of sugar – particularly in liquid form – can cause tartar buildup, tooth decay, cavities and eventual tooth loss. This is particularly true of sugary beverages, which tend to wash over the teeth and stay in the mouth. Sugary drinks have also been shown to increase the risk of developing diabetes.

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