Comprehensive Dental Care

Improve Your TeethYou already know that your daily regimen of brushing and flossing teeth is a critical part of preventing tooth decay and promoting overall oral health. That said, there are a few surprising things you can do to help protect your teeth, and you might even be excited to start calling them “habits.”

Eat More Cheese

Cue the fondue! Eating cheese is actually very healthy for your teeth (although should be done in moderation on account of your waistline). Casein, a protein found in cheese, is reported to protect teeth and aid in cavity prevention. In fact, after you eat cheese, the calcium levels in your mouth actually increase. This helps to “re-mineralize” teeth and prevent cavities.

Chew Gum

While you might feel like a high school girl, chewing gum actually can really help you to avoid cavities. Of course, the gum needs to be sugar free and should contain xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that contains distinctive properties that combat tooth decay. Some dentists recommend chewing xylitol gum three to five times a day. Will do!

Suck on Xylitol Candy

If you thought a candy habit and good oral health were mutually exclusive, you’re wrong. Cheer up; you can enjoy sucking on hard candies – so long as they’re sweetened with xylitol instead of sugar. Like we said before, xylitol has amazing teeth-protection properties, so you’re free to enjoy your candy.

Drink Wine

Okay, we’ll be honest here; drinking wine can be a bad idea for teeth because it can stain and discolor your tooth’s naturally white enamel. That said, recent studies have shown that red and white wine both contain chemical components that fight bacteria and may be helpful in preventing tooth decay and cavities. To avoid the teeth-staining aspect of wine, go for the white stuff.

How are your dental “habits” shaping up?