Comprehensive Dental Care

Las Vegas dentistThis time of year, you might be thinking about your behavior and checking it twice, but Santa isn’t the only one you want to impress. Keeping your dentist happy means you’re keeping your dental health in order, so if you’re on your Las Vegas dentist “naughty list” with these habits, now is the time to stop!

Drinking Soda

If a cold, sugary soda is your guilty pleasure, there are more than a few reasons to stop. Not only does drinking soda increase your risk of diabetes, but the combination of acid and sugar is downright terrible for your teeth. And if you think you’re in the clear just because it’s diet, think again; the acid in soda can actually cause your enamel to deteriorate. Not to mention that dark-colored sodas can also stain your pretty white teeth. Cut back the soda and get back on the nice list!

Biting, Clenching and Grinding

If you’ve got a nervous tick that involves your teeth we get it; nail biting and teeth grinding are pretty common habits. That said, there’s nothing “nice” about these habits at all. Biting your nails not only makes your hands look bad, but it can also cause headaches, sensitive teeth, facial pain and even damage your teeth. If you bite your nails, try getting regular manicures to dissuade the habit. If you’re a grinder – especially in your sleep – ask your Las Vegas dentist how you can protect your teeth with a mouth guard.

Snacking on Sugar

This time of year, it’s hard to resist cookies, candies and all manner of sugary treats. But those sugary foods aren’t doing anything for your teeth – or your waistline. To help prevent yourself from grabbing something super unhealthy for a fix, bring along healthy, teeth-friendly snacks, like fresh veggie sticks, nuts and whole wheat crackers.

“Utilizing” Teeth

While your teeth are an amazing tool – to eat with – that’s about where their “utility” purposes should end. If you’re in the habit of using your teeth to pry open packages or cut string, stop!! Using your teeth for purposes other than eating can cause them to chip, crack or break. Keep them strong and healthy by practicing a little patience – and investing in a good pair of scissors!

Ready to make the nice list this year? How are you going to do it?